Who We Are

Chatham Labs is an organization dedicated to inventing the future of human-computer interaction. Each of Chatham’s computer science and engineering researchers, software architects, designers, and developers offers a unique perspective which allows us to invent, develop, and tech-transfer breakthrough solutions for our clients. Our project teams draw from a vast array of expertise, to form precisely the right gang to tackle a client’s unique challenges.

Our team boasts industry experience from Microsoft, Autodesk, Disney Research, Google, and others. The team has collectively founded several successful tech startups, holds of scores of patents, and has authored top-selling books on human-computer interaction. Our clients are Silicon Valley giants, New York financiers, Austin startups, and Toronto innovators. In partnership with those clients we develop product roadmaps and innovative technologies as well as research plans to test them and IP strategies to protect them. We do this in service of our clients launching products that are adopted to great acclaim and disruptive to the current space.